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Long stay property investment programme

Source: samuiforsale November 3 2006

The Tourism Authority of Thailand ( TAT) launched in 2002 its 'Long-Stay' campaign to develop and promote long term stay in Thailand. The project hoped to attract retirees (50 years and above) from countries that have harsh winters and a higher cost of living to stay for extended periods in Thailand, as well as visitors traveling for medical and health services, international athletes who wish to make Thailand their training base as well as international students.

Land–grabbing probes to go on, says new chief.

Source: Samui Express - 3 November 2006

More encroachment complaints filed

The new deputy director of the Forestry Depatrtment said investigations related to the land encroachment issue would be relentlessly persued under the new dispensation.

'The forestry Deparrtment will continue its mission. Land and related property projects will be examined as had been the policy of the previous leadership', said Thani Viriyarattanaporn, who replaced Yongyuth Tiyaphiarat after the Sept. 19 coup.

3000 rai without titles

Samui Community October 15 2006

Land seizures begin

The Chief of the investigation into forest encroachments on Samui, khun Thanee Wiriyaratanaporn recently announced that out of 23,546 rai included in the survey, over 3000 rai was found to be lacking legitimate land titles. Some 239 ownership disputes have resulted from the enquiry, including many cases involving local farmers who are using untitled land for crops such as fruit trees and vegetable cultivation.

Samui land owner nabbed at Don Muang

Source: Bangkok Post - 15 September 2006


A Koh Samui landlord was yesterday arrested at Don Muang airport for alleged illegal occupation of land and forest encroachment on the resort island. Suthep Wangdan, alias Ko Sai, 50, was detained by a team of forestry police, said Pol Maj-Gen Lattasanya Piansomparn, commander of the Central Investigation Bureau's natural resources and environmental crime department.

Peak development project holds illegal land

Source: Bangkok Post - 3 September 2006

By Kultida Samabuddhi & Supaphong Chaolan: The Natural Resources and Environment Ministry's inquiry into the Koh Samui land scam has found that land rights documents issued for 179 rai of land under the multi-billion-baht The Peak project were illegally issued. The panel, chaired by deputy chief of the Forestry Department Thanee Viriyarattanaporn, last month proposed that the Land Department revoke land ownership documents issued for five plots covering a total of 114 rai on Khao Dang mountain-top.

Gov't widens land scam investigation

Source: Samui Express - 25 August 2006

By SAMUI EXPRESS Staf: The Department of Forest recently sent 130 officials to Samui to check and investigate the alleged land encroachment on the island and prevent more damages done on forest and public lands. It is also looking into the plan of the Land Department to terminate investigation of land title deeds with August.

The Department has divided the officials into 3 teams to investigate land title deeds and documents of land ownerships on Koh Samui. It will put up a sign in the preserved lands and forest immediately after the examination is done.

Land speculation takes a dive

Source: Samui Express - 28 July 2006

Land speculation takes a dive

Spurred by a series if investigations on land encroachment, arrest of some individuals for misconduct, bribery of land officials, etc, the booming real estate industry on Samui got a serious blow.

Recently, three foreigners and a Thai land official were arrested in a police raid against a syndicate allegedly issuing land titles illegally. Sources said that there are at least seven cases of land encroachment being investigated at the moment.

Source; Bangkokpost July 24 2006

People interested in buying property on the resort island of Koh Samui have been warned they could end up with an illegal title, as only 10% of the property developers operating there are licensed. Sathorn Luangpatipat, president of the Surat Thani Consumer Protection Association, said information from the Koh Samui land office showed that as many as 90% of developers advertising property in magazines and on websites were not licensed to do business.

Pha-Ngan official warns not to sell land to foreign

Source: The Nation July 24 2006

Villagers on the island of Koh Pha-Ngan have been urged by a provincial official to help promote eco-tourism and keep their land out of the hands of foreigners. Thawatchai Terdphaothai, the deputy governor of Surat Thani province, said yesterday he did not want to see Koh Pha-Ngan face the same fate as neighbouring Koh Samui, where land rights have been sold to foreign investors and the natural environment has been ruined by tourism.

Thawatchai asked Koh Pha-Ngan villagers to learn from the recent case of (alleged) illegal land sales on Koh Samui involving foreigners.

IIlegal land deals, title deeds on Samui issued unlawfully

Source: Bangkokpost - 21 July 2006

Firm to be sued for illegal land deals. Title deed on Samui issued unlawfully.


A panel investigating the issuing of land documents on Koh Samui is preparing legal action against a company for alleged illegal acquisition of land on the tourist island. Sunthorn Watcharakuldirok, director of the Forestry Department's forest protection and suppression division, who heads the inquiry, said they had finished compiling documentary evidence relating to the occupation of a 96 rai block of land on Khao Duang Nok mountain.