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Expat Law and Thai Contracts
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Miscellaneous Information:

We will keep all communication between you and us confidential and we remove from time to time all personal information sent to us from our database. Your particulars are NOT shared with any third parties. We are dedicated to protecting privacy and take all reasonable steps to ensure privacy.



"based on the principle that travellers share information" is maintained by Robert M. Spelde. Robert obtained a Masters' degree in Dutch Civil Law and started working as an expat legal consultant in Thailand in 2004.

All information in samuiforsale is based on practical experience working for several law firms in Thailand, Thai legal research and information supplied by Thai lawyers.

Before coming to Thailand Robert was on a 3 year road trip together with his wife driving their own car overland through Africa (Amsterdam to Cape Town), North Africa and the Middle East (Tunesia to Turkey), the Asian subcontinent (Istanbul to the South of India (Nagercoil)) and a round trip Australia.