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Contract Template

Introduction (contract preview) apartment unit lease agreement. This is a sample contract of an English language rental contract for a term between 1 and 36 months (as an unregistered tenancy in Thailand) .

Building Contract

Sample/ preview of the downloadable Thai and English small project construction contract. Template for the building of a residential house between a private client and local builder. This preview contains the first 3 pages of the 11 page construction contract template.

Loan Agreement

Loan agreement (Th-En) for the purpose of buying a property by the borrower. Purpose of this loan is that after the acquisition of the land the lender and borrower enter into a separate land lease where interest on the loan is set-off against payment of rent in the land lease.

Lease Agreement

Agreement to lease land in Thailand. The binding agreement between two parties whereby one party agrees to let (the use and possession) a property to the other party for a limited period of time.

Thailand Prenuptial

Downloadable template agreement (Thai English) sample preview version. This is an introduction of the pre-marriage, private prenuptial contract between a future husband and wife. Click View to preview the paid version of the prenuptial agreement.

Download Complete Prenuptial Agreement

Land Office Form

In addition to the private sale and purchase agreement between the parties the Land Office will require the seller and buyer to sign the official government's sale of land and house contract form in Thai only. This is a short form 1 page document with the basic details of the sale, separate from the private sale and purchase agreement containing all the terms and conditions of the sale and purchase.

Land Office Form

For registration of a private lease agreement the Land Registry requires the signing of the official land office Thai script lease format. This document is drawn up in the Thai language only, even the foreigners name as the lessee is written in Thai script.

Land Office Form

For transfer of ownership of a building (separatre from the land) the Land Registry requires the signing of the official land office Thai script sale of building form. This land office contract is signed in front of the Land Registrar and is part of the official transfer of ownership procedure (of a structure separte from the land).

Translation in the sample land office document is for reference

Off-plan lease

Sample preview of a condominium developer's apartment unit lease sale agreement to 'sell' the units exceeding the foreign ownership quota to foreigners. As opposed to the freehold sale contracts these leases do not have to comply with contract and consumer protection laws (not all contract provisions pursuant to Thai tenancy laws but included to generate sales).

Contract Template

Preview of the sale and purchase agreement for land. Do not enter into a quick sale with a short or verbal sale agreement. Proper planning and a good sale and purchase agreement will protect the buyer of property in Thailand. The PDF file is a preview of the downloadable land sale contract package.

Land and House

Usufruct contract preview of the downloadable land and house usufruct contract package. The paid contract version contains the complete Thai translation and instructions for registration with Thailand Land Department.

Click 'View' button below to view our usufruct contract in your browser

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Foreign Exchange Transaction

The primary purpose of the FET or Forex-form in Thailand is that it is a reporting instrument of the Bank of Thailand and it is evidence of transfer of foreign currency into Thailand and exchange of foreign currency in Thai baht (previously known as the T.T.3 or Thor Tor Saam form). Click 'view' for a sample of the Foreign Exchange Transaction Form

Land Purchase
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by a Thai spouse

It is only since a Ministry of Interior regulation dated March 23, 1999 that it is allowed for a Thai national married to a foreigner to purchase land but the land must become a non-marital property. Click view for information issued by the Land Department on this subject (Thai English language).

Land and House Sale Contract

This is a preview of the paid land and house sale and purchase agreement. This SPA in Thai and English contains the relevant and important details of the property and is protecting the buyer through the terms and conditions of the sale and warranties of the seller in the contract.

Download paid version of this contract

Sample land reservation agreement, made under the condition that parties only enter into a land sale and purchase agreement subject to a satisfactory due diligence report on the land in question.

Tax receipt
 360.72 KB

Sample of the land office tax receipt issued for the payment of transfer fees and taxes. Fees and taxes are collected by the land office when ownership of a real property is transfer is registered on the name of a new owner.

Company registration chart, steps involved in forming a Thai limited company. Chart is not updated and is meant as a general overview of the procure/ steps to incorporate a private limited company in Thailand.

Condominium Development

Introduction to standard developer's sale and purchase agreement for an off-plan condominium apartment unit. Condominium sale agreement as could be offered by a developer in a project of which building construction is not yet completed. The private resale apartment unit in a condimium contract can be downloaded from this page.

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