Land Sale and Purchase Contract Thai English

Land Sale and Purchase Contract Thai English

Some Thai sellers tend to insist on hand shake deals or short sale contracts to prevent liabilities after the transfer of the property. Property deals based on trust, or my word is good enough, is not part of Thai culture or customs as some sellers like to suggest. This template sale and purchase agreement (2 different versions) for land in Thailand (both in Thai and English script) includes all important provisions protecting the purchaser in a sale and purchase of land. A good contract can prevent unexpected issues after the transfer of ownership.

Note: foreigners will not be named as the purchaser of the land in the sale and purchase agreement (as foreigners are not able to register ownership of land), but naming a foreigner as the purchaser in a land sale agreement does not per definition make it a void land sale agreement.

Land office sale procedure:

The official land office Thai script sale (transfer of ownership) document is signed at the time of transfer. Transfer of ownership takes place at the local land office. Land titles Nor.Sor.4.Jor (Chanote) and the Nor.Sor.3.Gor and Khor can be transferred the same day. The land title Nor.Sor.3 (the Nor Sor 3 ('Nor Sor Sam') without extension) is subject to a 30 day public notice period and cannot be transferred the same day. Other lower land claims and titles cannot be transferred at the Land Department.

Included provisions in the contract:

  • Purchase price and payment
  • Registration and transfer of ownership
  • Taxes and expenses
  • Covenants seller
  • Termination and default
  • Notices
  • Assignment
  • Succession
  • Miscellaneous
  • Governing law
  • าคา และการชำระเงิน
  • การจดทะเบียนโอนกรรมสิทธิ์ที่ดิน
  • ภาษีและค่าใช้จ่าย
  • อปฏิบัติของผู้จะขาย
  • ารผิดสัญญาและการสิ้นสุดของสัญญา
  • การบอกกล่าว
  • การโอนสิทธิเรียกร้อง
  • การตกทอดของสัญญา
  • บ็ดเตล็ด
  • ฎหมายที่ใช้บังคับ

Professional lawyer drafted Thai English property sale and purchase agreements (template forms)

Included in the ZIP:

  • Thai English script reservation agreement (Th-En)
  • 2 complete template land sale contracts, documents (Th-En) of approx 11 pages each
  • contract cover page (Th-En)
  • signature page (Th-En)
  • separate document with specific optional clauses to customize the main contract (Th-En)
  • read this document with instructions (En)</li> </ul></small> <p>Click <strong>'Order It'</strong> button to download!</p>"