Last Will and Testament for Thailand

Last Will and Testament for Thailand

Foreigners with assets in Thailand can choose to make a Thai last will and testament specifically for assets inside Thailand and expressly excluding assets outside Thailand. It is recommended to make this a valid will under Thai law to ensure that at the time of death your assets in Thailand are divided according to your wishes and not in a way you did not intend. This template is written for foreigners with assets in Thailand who specifically want to dispose of their Thailand estate (limited to the jurisdiction of Thailand) separate from their worldwide estate.

You can use this general will template by just filling in the blank spaces and/or editing the text. Complete the document with:

  • your personal details
  • the details of the beneficiary or beneficiaries
  • the details of substitute beneficiaries (not required)
  • the name of an executor (not required)
  • the number of original copies of the will and where these are kept (e.g. one is kept with the testator and one is kept with the testator's foreign will)
  • the names and details of 2 witnesses you trust

Testament document

ZIP contains:

  • main last will document and a template with a different wording/ content (Th-En)
  • contract cover page (Th-En)
  • signature page (Th-En)
  • optional clauses (Th-En)
  • Read this file with instructions

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