Real Estate Usufruct Template

Real Estate Usufruct Template

Learn from a Thai usufruct template contract

The agreement granting the right of usufruct must be in writing (with a Thai script version). Right of usufruct over a real estate property in Thailand can be established through a standard land office short form contract or a more detailed custom usufruct contract offering more protection and in more detail specifying the rights and obligations of the parties. In both cases the agreement of usufruct between the owner and usufructuary must be registered with the Land Department and will be noted as a real right encumbrance on the backside of the land title deed copy of the owner and the original as held at the local land office.

Professional usufruct contract

Thai English language usufruct contract drafted for foreigners in Thailand containing clauses permissible under Thai law to prevent rejection of registration by the Land Department's local or provincial land offices. Control over the real estate including land by foreigners is permissible to the extent allowed under Thailand land laws.

signing usufruct contract

Template usufruct preview

Usufruct zip-package contains:

  • read this document PDF with legal notes and instructions (En)
  • complete Thai lawyer drafted usufruct contract (En-Th) for land and house (including separate usufruct contract for land only)

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