Minimum Salaries for foreigners in Thailand

From the 10 th of July 2004 , foreigners applying for non-immigrant visa extensions for employment in Thailand will have to meet an increased minimum monthly salary requirement by nationality and amount. It should be noted that this regulation applies to employees in the corporate sector (profit-making business). Employees with lower monthly salaries in other professions, such as teachers, can apply for non-immigrant visa extensions and work permits for employment in Thailand provided that the are able to provide an official letter of confirmation from a relevant government agency.


Country Previous New 1 July 2004
Canada, Japan, United States 40,000 THB 60,000 THB
Europe (incl. UK) Australia 35,000 THB 50,000 THB
Hong Kong, Malaysia, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan 30,000 THB 45,000 THB
China, India, Indonesia, Middle East, Philippines 25,000 THB 35,000 THB
Africa, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam 20,000 THB 25,000 THB
Persons working for newspapers in Thailand 12,000 THB 20,000 THB

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