Questionnaire housing development

Below an initial sample questionnaire as could be used in a housing development, to be answered and signed by the seller/ developer

Sample Purchaser's questions to seller


1. How long has the _____________ Co. Ltd been developing properties in Thailand?

2. Is the whole project supported by a Thai Bank? Who is financing the whole project?

3. What is the _____________ Co. Ltd's registered share capital?

4. Please confirm the zoning restrictions and regulations under City planning Act for that area.

5. Please confirm that _____________ Co. Ltd has complied with the requirements under the Land Allocation Act and obtained a Housing Development License

6. Please confirm that _____________ Co. Ltd has obtained a Land Trading Permit

7. Please confirm that _____________ Co . Ltd has obtained an Environmental Impact Assessment approval report.

8. Please confirm that _____________ Co. Ltd has obtained permission to develop the land and has obtained Building Permits.

9. Please confirm there will be a separate sale and purchase or construction agreement for the house. Please supply a copy of the sale or construction agreement.

10. Please supply a copy of the lease agreement.

11. Who is responsible for paying Building and Land Tax?

12. If any, please indicate what services will be provided. Please supply a copy of the mainetenance service agreement.

13. If any, how much is the monthly or yearly maintenance/ service fee in the project.

14. Is the land connected to the main utilities such as water and electricity in the name of the purchaser

15. How many houses are being built in the Project and could the view be blocked by new construction?

16. Which construction company has been contracted to build the houses?

17. Will the houses be built to a high standard?

18. Which architectural company has been appointed to design the houses?

19. Can the purchaser instruct an independent building surveyor to inspect the build upon completion?

20. How many houses in the project have been sold?

21. Will the developer take care of the proper registration of the house and apply for the house registration booklet (Ta bian Baan) with the relevant government departments?

22. Has the land been registered with the Land Department? Please supply a copy of the title document for the land.

23. Is the land free from all encumbrances, mortgages, charges and other liens?

24. Is there any doubt on the status of the land? How long have the previous owner(s) held title over the land? Is anyone in occupation on the land? What is the history of the Title Deed?

25. What is the registered value for the property and the total size of the land?

26. Please confirm that there is a registered (servitude/ municipal/ public road) access to the land.

27. Please confirm that the seller will be responsible for payment of withholding tax and business tax on the transfer date or the lease registration fees.

28. What's the payment schedule? How much deposit is payable?

29. Which company has been appointed to do the landscaping work?

30. Please provide details of the surveyor that will certify that the construction is complete and ready for transfer to the buyer.

31. Please confirm that the current owner of the land will allow access for the purposes of a survey.

32. Can the purchaser assign the purchase to a third party before the house is completed?

I have read through the answers provided above and confirm that the facts stated are true and correct. I understand that if any of the statements or facts given above are false then an action for misrepresentation lies against me and I will be liable to pay compensation to the purchaser.


(The Seller)