Many say corruption OK

Source: The Nation July 21 2011

Nearly two-thirds of all Thais (64.5 per cent) believe corruption is acceptable if the new government makes the country prosper, promotes people's well-being and benefits the respondents themselves, while 35.5 per cent said otherwise, an Abac poll reported yesterday.

The percentage of those agreeing to corrupt government - if it benefits them - was particularly large (at about 70 per cent) among respondents aged under 20 and between 20-29.
The July poll - involving 2,559 people over 18 from 17 provinces including Bangkok - found the respondents would file complaints against corrupt community leaders (74.4 per cent), civil servants (72.9 per cent), politicians (72.2 per cent), ministers (71.7 per cent), and people living under the same roof (70.8 per cent).

The percentage of those saying they would file complaints declined when it involved someone closer; neighbours (61 per cent), relatives (51 per cent) one's own parents or children (43 per cent) and oneself (38.1 per cent). Respondents - 67.8 per cent - said prime minister-elect Yingluck Shinawatra was suitable to lead the campaign for Thai transparency and honesty, while 32.2 per cent disagreed. 

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