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Various Translations Thai Laws. Note: the only legally binding Thai law texts are the official Thai script versions as published in the royal Thai government gazette (ราชกิจจานุเบกษา).

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1 The Thailand Civil and Commercial Code
2 Thailand Penal Code (Thai laws specifying crimes and punishment)
3 Thailand Civil and Commercial Code (part II)
4 New Thailand Condominium Act 2008
5 The Thailand Revenue Code (tax law)
6 Thailand Civil and Commercial Code (part III)
7 Law Text Foreign Business Act
8 Law Text Land Code Act 1954 (up to 2008 amendments)
9 Thailand Family Marriage Laws
10 Thailand building control act in Thai
11 Thailand Inheritance Laws
12 Labour Protection Act
13 Law Text Administration Inheritance Law
14 Public Limited Companies Act
15 Thai Criminal Procedure Code
16 Constitution of Thailand (law)
17 Unfair Contract Terms Act
18 Thailand Vessel Act, translation of Boating and Ship Act Law
19 Computer Crime Act
20 Labour Relations Act
21 Thailand Nationality Act
22 Land Code Amendment Act 1999
23 Labour Law Procedure for the Court
24 Consumer Protection Act
25 Alien or Foreign Employment, working Act
26 Anti Money Laundering Act
27 Investment Promotion Act
28 Accounting Act
29 Condominium Act No.3 1999 (temporary measure)
30 Hire Act for Commerce and Industry by foreigners

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Note: English translations of the original Thai law texts are prepared for reference purposes only. Only the Thai script versions, as published in the royal Thai government gazette (ราชกิจจานุเบกษา), shall have legal force in Thailand.