Thailand Superficies Forms


A written superficies contract signed by the land owner and noted on the title deed and entered in the Land Department's provincial or local branch office registers is enforceable by action.

Superficies basics

Superficies is sometimes called an above-ground-right creating separate ownership of the land and everything built or to be built upon the land. Without superficies structures fixed to the land would otherwise be legally forming a body with the land and therefore would be owned as one corporeal object together with the land. Superficies is the legal instrument under Thai law to legally create separate ownership.

A superficies contracts can include: download button
  • The term of the superficies (up to 30 years)
  • Option of renewal of the superficies
  • Option to purchase the land upon expiration of the superficies
  • Compensation for the building upon expiration

Download a Thai English superficies template contract form for 1480 baht

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